Rules! *Must read before posting on forum*

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Rules! *Must read before posting on forum*

Post by Stuwie on Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:37 am

Make sure you read all the rules before posting on the forums.

DISCLAIMER: By using this forum, you are expected to follow these rules. Failure to do so will result in administrative action taken against all accounts owned and used by the offender. This includes but is not limited to being warned, temp-banned, and/or banned on specific or all systems included in the defined services. Depending on the offence discipline may be handled system wide in the form of an omni-ban. Good behaviour is required on all services provided by this community.

I. Respect others
Always be nice and friendly to each other.
No racism or discrimination, threats, or personal attacks of any kind.
No flaming, inciting hatred, or instigating flame bait.
No bullying towards any other person.
No swearing.

III. Additional Forum Rules.
Do not post useless comments on forum threads.
a. Pointless comments are subject to deletion. This includes posts with only a few words, or no real point or meaning.
Don't make a new topic if a topic is closed about the topic (Use the search function).
Don't revive old threads that have not been locked.
b. The only exception is if you have a significant addition to make to the thread.
Don't register a false username or one that looks like another person/impersonates another person.
When posting on the forums, keep the unique fonts and colours to a minimum.

- Stuwie


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