I'm Stuwie!

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I'm Stuwie!

Post by Stuwie on Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:44 am

Hello guys!

I'm Stuwie, Administrator of the forum. I'm 16 and love Doctor who, as you can see. I also love Minecraft, as I own a Lava survival ([aBlockzV2] - Lava survival). So I spend a lot of time on that game.

I go college to learn IT, I'm only on Level 1, but hopefully be moving up to Level 2 next year!. I've lately been learning HTML + CSS. I kinda got the hang of creating/designing websites. I am currenltey learning JavaScript through youtube.

That's really it for me, College, Minecraft, Coding and Doctor who. But hopefully you get a little understanding of who I am xP.


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